Burn My Files quick start guide

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How to Burn Data Files to CD or DVD

A "Data" CD or DVD is used to store a collection of files, such as documents, photos, video etc., which will later be read on a computer.

To burn a Data CD or DVD, do the following:

Run Burn My Files and click on the "Burn Data Disk" menu option to identify that you wish to burn a Data disk.

Burning Options

If you have not already done so, insert your CD or DVD media into your CD or DVD recorder. Burn My Files should automatically identify the type of burner you have connected to your computer and display it in the Device field together with the type of disk that you currently have inserted.

Burner Refresh

Note: If Burn My Files does NOT detect your burner, or when a new disk is inserted, click the Refresh button. Note:

Select the Files to Burn

Add Files Click the Add Files button to open the file selection window and chose the files that you wish to burn. Use the SHIFT key or the CTRL key to select groups of files with your mouse. When you have selected the files you wish to burn, close the window.

Burn My Files will automatically determine the volume of data that you have selected to burn. The colored graph indicates the volume of data selected:

GREEN: The volume of files selected is less than the capacity of the disk. It is OK to proceed.

YELLOW: The volume of files selected is approaching the capacity of the disk. It is OK to proceed.

RED: The volume of files selected exceeds the capacity of the disk. You need to reduce the volume of files selected. The "Burn Files" button will be grey and you will not be able to burn if you have exceeded the capacity of the disk with your selection of files.

To remove a file, select the file and click the Remove button. To remove all files, use the "Remove All" button.

Create the Volume Name

To give your CD or DVD a volume name, click in the Vol: field and type a new name.

Burn Data You are ready to burn. Click the burn button to start your burn.

Burn Data


Download Burn My Files

  1. Click the "Download Now" button below and download "BurnMyFiles-Setup.exe" to your computer.
  2. Run "BurnMyFiles-Setup.exe" and follow the on screen installation instructions.
  3. Once installed, open Burn My Files from the desktop icon or Windows Start menu.